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Labyrinth is major artwork on display across the London Underground. Commissioned by Art on the Underground for the 150th anniversary of the world's first underground railway, Labyrinth comprises 270 unique artworks - one for every station on the network - created by Mark Wallinger, one of the UK's leading contemporary artists.

The Labyrinths are set to be a permanent addition to the network, and have already become as recognisable as the Underground's iconic 'roundel' and New Johnston typeface. Every installation is subtly different, however the entrance to all is marked by a clear, bold, red , linking each piece together. Indeed, every Labyrinth is numbered, in the artist's own hand, out of 270 - the number carried relating to the order of stations visited in the 2009 'Tube Challenge' Guinness World Record, the fastest time taken to pass through every station on the London Underground network.

In short, Labyrinth can be summed up as a metaphor for the Tube itself: despite the differences between stations, lines and even passengers, in essence they are all the same. It is their uniqueness that makes them so alike, and it is this that makes Labyrinth such a fitting and poignant commission for the 150th anniversary of the London Underground.


Mark Wallinger

Labyrinth Status

There are currently 260 Labyrinths present on the network.

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